SBPCA provides support via its Mini Grants program to assist Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) serving around the world with projects needing funding in their communities of service. Emphasis is placed on projects that address a true community need, show community support and involvement, will have many beneficiaries, and will have a continuing benefit to the community after the project has been completed.

Applications are accepted year-round and evaluated on an as-received basis. 


SBPCA provides Mini Grants funding to PCVs in two ways:

1) Directly to PCVs who have either
(a) lived in or have an established connection to Santa Barbara County, Ventura County, or San Luis Obispo County, or
(b) have been recommended by an active member of SBPCA;


2) Through the Peace Corps Partnership Program.

Applications are reviewed as received. Applicants need to be aware that the evaluation process includes communication between the SBPCA Board and applicants, and we are likely to have follow-up questions after reviewing applications. Applicants should be sure to include a current email address with their contact information. The review process is likely to take between a few weeks to a couple months, depending on how often an applicant is able to check email and how responsive s/he is to communications from us.



Over the years, we have funded many projects, totaling more than $15,000 in grants given. Projects funded include the following, with some photo highlights from grant recipients below:

“A Towering Task” – production of a film on the history of the Peace Corps (set to be released in late September 2019) - $250

Goris Women’s Yoga & Wellness Center, Armenia - $762

Women’s health fair, Georgia - $336

Pit latrine project, Panama - $700

Outdoor multi-use pavilion, El Salvador - $225 

Interactive classroom to provide teachers with internet access, etc., Ukraine - $750 

Materials for construction of school computer lab, Guatemala - $632

HIV/AIDS awareness program for youth in high risk areas, Mali - $500

Local library repair & health-focused murals at primary school & youth organization building, Guinea - $160

Construction of a community center, Dominican Republic - $750

Stove building project, Guatemala - $500

Bead making project, Ghana - $500 

Compost latrine construction, Fiji - $838 

High school library project, Philippines - $750

Latrine project, Dominican Republic - $600

English/Bulgarian dictionaries & bilingual guides for classroom, Bulgaria - $583

Stove building project, Nicaragua - $565 

Rejuvenating eco-tourism, Ghana - $1000

Vocational training for disabled youth/young adults, Romania - $500

Demonstration poultry small business, The Gambia - $850 

Rainwater catchment systems, Bolivia - $450

Future environmental leaders camp, Ukraine - $500

Youth leadership development conference, Dominican Republic - $500

AIDS education conference, Cameroon - $500        

Road project, El Salvador - $150

Library project, Kyrgyz Republic -$200 

AIDS education event - $150 

Community tree nursery, Zimbabwe - $367

English library and tutoring center - $475 

Irrigation of community gardens, Mali - $300

Latrine construction - $754 

Health education project, Ecuador - $150  

…and more!

Photos of some projects funded by our Mini Grants Program: